COPAHUE EXTREMO is a TRAIL RUNNING event that takes place in a natural setting, over the trails in the area of Copahue, in the Province of Neuquén.


This sporting event is carried out in a single stage, with individual scoring. Cut-off times are 2 hours for 10-k and 5 hours for 20-k.
There are two race distances to choose from, of approximately 10-k and 20-k respectively. The race course will be duly informed once it is defined.

The event consists of trail running combined with snowshoe running, following unbelievable beautiful natural trails, some of which may present some technical difficulties and/or unexpected obstacles such as ravines, small cracks and rocks.


For both race distances (10-k and 20-k)

16 to 29 years of age 16 to 29 years of age
30 to 39 years of age 30 to 39 years of age
40 to 49 years of age 40 to 49 years of age
50 to 59 years of age 50 to 59 years of age
60 and more 60 and more


a)Overall Male and Female finishers from both race distances (10-k and 20-k) will get a free registration voucher for the 2021 edition of COPAHUE EXTREMO . This free registration is NOT transferable. A trophy for the top 3 Male and Female finishers.
b)Age Categories: a trophy for the top 3 Male and Female finishers from each Age Category.
c)Finisher medal for all participants who cross the Finishing Line Trophies and awards WILL NOT be delivered before the Awards Ceremony. They may be shipped under participants’ particular circumstances, in which case the participant will bear all shipment costs.


Wearing the official T-shirt and the Race Bib is compulsory. The latter must be placed on the chest/abdomen area or front of pants so that it is fully visible throughout the whole race course. The second latter provided must be place in the back pack. Personal sponsorship is allowed to be shown only on leggings/pants/backpacks as long as they don`t interfere with the race’s sponsorship.


At certain stages along the course of the race as well as at the Finishing Line there will be assistance and hydration stands. The Organization will make sure there are no participants lagging behind at any stage of the race course.
There will be check points to guarantee the correct fulfillment of the race course by all the athletes.
There will be cloakroom service at athletes’ disposal.


a. Participants cannot be accompanied by bicycles, cars, motorbikes, snow tracks or any other type of vehicle. Should this occur, the athlete will be immediately disqualified.
b. The Race Bib provided by the Organization must not be modified or cut. It must remain fully visible throughout the whole race course. Personal sponsorship is NOT allowed to be present on the race Bib.
c. Non-compliance with 3. (as to the use of official T-shirt) will lead to a 20-minute addition to the athlete’s overall time.
d. Taking shortcuts –therefore not completing the official race course- will lead to disqualification.
e. Assistance among participants is allowed, except if it includes pulling one another with ropes or any other gear, or any other form of facilitation.
g. Not carrying of snowshoes in compulsory sector / sectors will be penalized with DISQUALIFICATION.
h. Not carrying of a backpack will be penalized with DISQUALIFICATION.
i. The missing of any of the mandatory elements will be penalized with 90 minutes.


a. Each participant is compelled to have knowledge of and comply with the Race Regulations, running etiquette and the instructions provided by the staff members.
b. It is the athlete’s responsibility to be appropriately trained for these kind of events, showing adequate physical condition. Registration by itself does NOT imply this requirement is met.
c. ID card or passport must be shown during the registration process.
d. It is compulsory to print and complete the Medical Statement on our official website. This form must be singed and stamped by a doctor (issued within 180 days prior to the race).
Download Medical Statement
e. The Organization and the authorized staff members have the right to remove participants from the race if there is evidence that physical and/or mental well-being are at risk. If this is the case, refusal to follow these instructions will lead to disqualification.
f. The Organization will provide ambulances and medical staff for assistance. Each competitor has full knowledge of the possible difficulties and risks this kind of activity implies, being of their sole responsibility all medical assistance expenses exceeding those included in the race insurance. If it is necessary, runners will be taken to the nearest hospital. It is essential that all runners provide personal insurance coverage information, as well as a telephone number to contact in case of emergency. This information should be detailed in the General Comments section within the Registration Form.
g. All participants must show commitment to respecting and protecting our environment. Littering or any other way of disrespect towards the natural environment will lead to disqualification.
h. Runners who decide to drop out of the race for whatever reason have the obligation to inform and hand out the race bib to the members of the staff.
i. At the Pre-race Briefing, the race course will be revealed in detail. In the event of not following the trail marks and going off course, it is the runners’ responsibility to return and find the marked trail. The Race Directors will NOT accept any claims regarding this situation.
j.The Organization reserve the right to modify the race course for safety reasons , unfavourable weather conditions or any other event beyond their control. In case some modifications are to be made before the race, the participants will be duly informed. If such modifications are to be made during the race, runner will be informed at a check point prior to the modification. The Race Directors will NOT accept any claims regarding this situation.
k. In case the race course has to be shortened for whatever reason during the race, there will be two finishers’ classification lists: one for those who could complete the whole course, and one for those coming after the modification has been made, following in both cases order of arrival to the Finish Line.
l. Acceptance of the Race Regulations implies the Race Directos’ and sponsors’ right to use, reproduce, distribute and/or publish any form of recording of the participants (namely photographs, videos, short films, etc.) without having to provide any type of financial compensation. By registering and taking part in this event, all participants agree to consent to these terms.
m. Liabilities: By registering, all participants agree and attest that the following conditions are met:
- to possess adequate physical conditions
- to have undergone a proper medical examination
- to be properly trained for this type of event
- to have general knowledge of the race course and its terrain characteristics
- To be fully aware of the risks implied in this kind of activity
- To be aware of the difficulty of search and rescue at some stretches of the course
- To be aware that some stretches of the course are inaccessible by vehicle, therefore immediate assistance is limited
- To know the terrain characteristics and the possible injuries implied, such as sprains and strains o even fractures. The Organization will prioritize assistance to most severe, life-threatening injuries first.
- Personal accidents, injuries and/or personal items loss before, during or after the event is the sole responsibility of each participant. The organization, members of staff, sponsors, municipality, governmental institutions, public entities and land owners (where the race takes place) are released from liabilities concerning the aforementioned situations


The official website is: .

Participants should check the website periodically, to be aware of the news and possible changes to the race course, race regulations, etc.


All participants are insured for personal accidents. Such coverage includes: coverage in the event of accidental death and partial/total invalidity caused by an accident, for the amount of $ 500,000 (five hundred thousand ARS) per person, as well as reimbursement of pharmaceutical costs of up to $ 50,000 (fifty thousand ARS) per person.
The coverage scope extends to the duration of the event. Participants will bear any costs exceeding the amounts mentioned.
Accidents occurring “in itinere” are not included in or covered by the insurance.


Registration can be carried out on our official website , completing the Registration Form. Any questions can be submitted to the e-mail address stated on the website

a) Registration is carried out exclusively online at

b) This edition is limited to 400 participants. Once this number is reached, a waiting list will be made and taken into account if any registered competitor decides to withdraw from the event.

c) The deadline for Registration and payments is August 8th, 2020 at 12:00pm

d) Registration Fee is NOT refundable, though it is transferable to another competitor, or to a future edition of COPAHUE EXTREMO . This should be informed to the Race Directors before August 8th, 2020

e) The only way to grant participation in the race is to have cancelled the Registration Fee before August 8th, 2020.

f) The minimum age for participants is 16 on the day of the race. Those under 18 need consent from their legal guardian, who must sign an authorization and acceptance of the race regulations.

Registration Fee includes:
- the right to take part in the event
- timing control
- runner’s technical T-shirt
- finisher medal
- refreshment stands (liquid supplies) during the race and at the Finishing Line
- sports insurance
- FREE photographs of the race
- a trophy for the top 3 finishers in the general ranking, as well as for the top 3 finishers in each age/gender category
- free entrance to post-race party and awards ceremony with one guest. Snacks and drinks included.
- we will be adding more information on our website and social networks: Facebook and Twitter!


a- Complete the Registration Form at

b- Once completed, print the form and keep it as proof.

c- The corresponding fee should be fully paid within 30 days in a row from the moment of registration. Payment options are provided in the Registration Form.

Registration is considered complete when the online Form is completed, its corresponding payment carried out and the name of the athlete appears on the Runners List. (Only those who comply with the requirements mentioned before will appear on the Runners List)

If the registration process is not fully carried out the runner is NOT REGISTERED.

The Organization reserves the right to admit/refuse participation in the event, in their sole and absolute discretion.


The deadline for registration is September 2nd, 2018 at 12:00pm, or when the number of participants allowed is reached (400). Once this number is reached, a waiting list will be made and taken into account if any registered competitor decides to withdraw from the event.


At the moment of check in and race official kit pickup, all participants must show their personal ID/passport, and the Medical Statement (issued within 90 days prior to the race).

All participants will sign the Race Regulations at this moment.

Time and location will be duly informed.

The race official kit must be picked up personally.


Real-time classification will be displayed on a screen at the Timing Booth.

A LED timer at the Finish Line area will show the on-going race time.


Mandatory equipment is required to take part in this event. It is important to consider that the equipment required can be adapted to each runner’s needs and capacities, presenting in all cases proper protection against low temperatures, wind, rain and snow.

During the Pre-race briefing (time and location to be confirmed), the Organization will announce if weather conditions allow for any of the mandatory equipment to turn to be optional.

MANDATORY equipment includes

  • - Official T-shirt. Race bib must remain visible throughout the whole race.
  • - sunglasses / goggles
  • - thermal shirt / first skin
  • - gloves
  • - waterproof / windbreaker jacket
  • - survival blanket (also known as space blanket)
  • - waterproof/windbreaker pants
  • - snowshoes (these are NOT provided by the Organization). Minimum measurements: 50cm (19.685 inches) long and 20 cm (7.87 inches wide)
  • - backpack for carring the equipment.

* Not carrying of snowshoes in compulsory sector / sectors will be penalized with DISQUALIFICATION.
* Not carrying of a backpack will be penalized with DISQUALIFICATION.
* The missing of any of these mandatory elements will be penalized with 90 minutes.

Not compulsory but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED equipment

  • Waterproof running shoes.
  • Trail running gaiters
  • One extra pair of socks.
  • Warm clothes (to be used pre- and post race)
  • Trekking poles, which provide safety in harsh ground conditions (in the case of snow/rain)
  • Sunscreen/sunblock

*The Organization will announce if weather conditions force them to make any changes as to the mandatory/recommended equipment


From within 30 minutes before the start, no participants will be allowed to remain before the Starting Line. Not following this rule may lead to runner’s disqualification. All runners must go past the Starting/Finishing Line and run all along the marked trails. If she/he takes shortcuts or goes off-course, she/he will not get their timing scored, releasing the Organization from all liability on this respect.


The Organization defined a list of “ELITE” runners based on their own criteria, taking into account sporting career and records. These athletes will get a differentiated place at the Starting Line.


In the event of unfavorable weather conditions or any other situation beyond the Organization’s control, where physical safety could be put at risk, a change in the race course will be implemented. In case the Race Directors decides to cancel the race due to weather conditions a new date for the race will be informed.